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Enrico Scanu

Lead Vocals, Flute, Percussions, Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Fascinated by music since he was 13 years old, he listened to his father’s LP and was impressed by Progressive Rock music of the seventies. He spends his youth listening to Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, P.M.F, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Pink Floyd.
During these years he begins taking classical guitar lessons with master Jesus Eduardo Alvarez; then he starts to play electric guitar, firstly influenced by american grunge (Pearl Jam), then by Progressive Rock (Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation and Porcupine Tree). In the meantime he also takes vocal lessons, a passion born singing with his friends music from classic rock band such as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.
In september 2009 his path crosses that of Dropshard which leads him to a new musical way that reflects his soul.

He tries to develop his vocal performances taking in spiration from his favorite singers: Daniel Gindenlow, Jeff Buckley, Demetrio Stratos and Peter Gabriel.


Beyerdynamic Opus 69
Shure SM58
AKG Perception 220
Yamaha YFL 221 SII
Baton Rouge L6CE
Ibanez RG1 550 Prestige
Line 6 P.O.D.
Behringer GMX212

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