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Alex Stucchi

Bass, Backing VocalsHe starts his musical career in a punk rock band playing bass guitar with his childhood friends. He receive his first instrument as a gift from his father: a starter kit with amplifier that will be soon replaced by a Fender Jazz Bass.
In September 2004, together with classmates Sebastiano Benatti and Tommaso Mangione, he discovers metal and progressive. He later joins Antares and with the new band he began to explore and appreciate new sonorities and, influenced by great contemporaries bass players, he decides to buy his first 6-string bass guitar.
In 2007 Antares become Dropshard; in the meantime Alex joins various side projects – among them the tribute band Event Six founded by hard rock guitarist Massimo Nussi. In 2009 he takes bass lessons from Andrea Quaglia (Louisiana Red, Aida Cooper and Ronnie Jones).
In June 2011 Alex moves away from Dropshard to look for new collaborations and to improve his bass guitar skills; he takes lessons from Giovanni Bellosi (Evil Wings, Phantom Lord). He also begins playing with Ananke and Chakrah (Mike Le Pond, Pamela Moore, Roberto Tiranti).

His main influences are Tony Levin, Chris Squire and Stuart Hamm.
He is a programmer specialized in web developing, web design and web mastering.


Rash Mr Meter 6 Strings
Tobias Toby Pro 6 Strings Fretless
Fender Jazz Bass 4 String
Zoom B9.1ut Pedalboard
Laney R4H Head
AMSpeakers 4×12 Cabinet

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