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Sebastiano Benatti

Guitar, Backing Vocals

Born in the 1987, with both musician parents.

After taking some few steps in the study of pianoforte and bass, he founds love in the electric guitar. After a few year, he becomes really appassionate in the music composition. With his friend Tommaso, Alex and Giacomo he lay the foundations for the Antares band, becoming then Dropshard, inedit music project.

Sebastiano loves several kinds of music, thanks to the several influences he came through. From his parents recieved the love for early, renaissance, popular and classical music. It’s not over! It is his father that give him Led Zeppelin’s first album and Deep Purple’s Machine Head to change his perspective. Adolescence guided him through rock, metal and progressive music.

Since 2011 he is part of the Locomovettes choir from Osnago, that expand his love for singing a cappella.


Ibanez Jem555
Ibanez RG7
Vox ToneLab SE
Ibanez BT100H head
AMSpeakers 210G cabinet

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