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Susanna Brigatti

Since as a little kid, Susanna loved music more than any other art form, enjoying herself recoding on a tape the songs she learn attending the kindergarten.

When she was 9, the voice of Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries) instilled her with something intense, almost inexplicable. And so at the age of 14 she started taking singing lessons, with a single, specific, final goal: to generate emotions.

Knowing first yourself, your points of weakness and those of strength, and focusing yourself on what you deeply feel, are fundamental steps to obtain the desired result. And from the classical music from which her vocal learning had begun, Susanna decided to concentrate herself on modern singing, probably because finding it more wild, without well-defined rules, the right way to totally immerse herself in order to fully express her personality. There are many music genres she likes , ranging from classical music, through jazz, 70s rock and 80s hard rock to pop. Since 2011 she is part of the IF-Pink Floyd Tribute Band as lead vocalist, taking care of the band’s internal vocal trio as well. Besides the Dropshard, she simultaneously carries on another prog project with industrial/ambient nuances with the band Spleen Flow.


Sennheiser E945

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