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Cell 342

Above the ceiling
dreams like butterflies in the sky
are colors for my white sheet
and somewhere tears fall

“where is my fault?”
he asks me to reply
increasing disease
that silently glows

You put the right things
beside the wrong ones
Remove all your pride
and what you were before

Take off your white coat and let me see
Take off your white coat and then you’ll see
No, I’ m not a fool
Nobody is a fool

Let me be
let me out
it’s what I need

Suddenly, I got it
and I know, I bought and paid for my disgrace with my life
Yes, you could insult me
but I’m sure you think that’s someone else with me, don’t you?

Who’s there? There’s no one else.

Everyone craves the sight
while time is mocking us

I’ve just asked you to leave me alone!

Who’s there? There’s no one else

This is one of those days in which I can
move those clouds that obscure my steps
like smoke on my face

there’s someone who says repeatedly
“these are his last days”
but I’m not afraid to die
No! No, not any more

Wherever I’ll go
they won’t be here any more
their drugs are killing me
and all I want is what I was before
until we cried

I’ve said “pray for me”
I’ve said “pray for me”
I won’t ask you for more
you couldn’t give more of this

Who’s there? There’s no one else.

You don’t seem afraid
for who you are looking for
he might not exist

The meaning is clear
all doubts disappear
I come, he goes
I come, he goes
I come, he goes
I come, he goes
I’m coming back.

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