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Anywhere But Home

Studio Album – 15/02/2011


  1. Look Ahead 01:23 Lyrics
  2. Anywhere But Home 06:21 Lyrics
  3. Images Of Mind 06:00 Lyrics
  4. A Cold Morning 04:19 Lyrics
  5. Again 01:09 Lyrics
  6. Changing Colours 08:17 Lyrics
  7. A New Beginning 05:06 Lyrics
  8. Look Behind 01:23 Lyrics
  9. Freedom Supermarket (Bonus track) 04:28 Lyrics

Total time: 40:00

We decided to take our first step into the music as a child who takes his first steps into the world: full of doubts, perplexities and questions. Often, some of these questions seem to have no answer, but sometimes we only need to take a look around: maybe what we are searching for is just under our eyes. We won’t make this journey alone, a family is the starting point of every human being, the fulcrum and a place where everyone can find time to rest. We present you this work that we have prepared for an entire year, a lifetime, an experience that everyone has lived, is currently living or has not lived yet.

Recorded at Frequenze Studio, Monza (MB).
Released by Sonic Vista Music.

Anywhere But Home: Trivia

Format: CD, Digital Download
Label: Sonic Vista Music SVRCD017 (2011 UK)


  • Enrico Scanu (Vocals, Flute, Acoustic Guitar on 5)
  • Sebastiano Benatti (Guitars, Backing Vocals)
  • Tommaso Selleri (Keyboards)
  • Alex Stucchi (Bass, Backing Vocals)
  • Tommaso Mangione (Drums, Percussions)


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