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Anywhere But Home

Anywhere But Home

In this sort of vacant night
I will close all my young lights.
All these streets that tell me loud:
“You will never come back home”.
When this rising dawn blind my eyes
I will shut the doors of time.
My friends, now we have to go
inside this war that we have to stop!

There’s walls of thoughts now
that’ll be invading my mind for all the rest of time
as a faithful calm of desire.
Shade of morning wakes up us
and we are crossing out our faces, names and signs,
our eyes are full of cold fire.

In this war we’re facing old screens
that could have never existed.
By these arms that let me stay alive
this land is cold and wide.
When this hell that blinds all my face
and l’ll never see the end.
My friends, I will never leave your hands
your shadows burn on me.

Now the sun comes down on us
carried by the wings of night that are arrived
as a voice that screams a cease-fire…
Our faces seem to turn
as a puddle of mud that now is changed into blood
we are kept awake by tomorrow.

In this stage of bloody-stained bodies
I’m trying to save my skin.
By this rain of bullets,
from the skies I see two crows arise.
How this battle changed all my life
I can feel the cold in veins.
My friends, wars of money,
many million dollars for our breath.

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