Dropshard v2.0 + Interview

Hello and welcome back! It’s close at Bloom-in ‘prog 2011 and we are rehearsing a lot with the new keyboarder (yes, this will be the surprise on February 20!) and we are very excited! If you want to know who he is, what’s his name, how old he is, what gender he is, what color his eyes are… you just have to be the 20th at Bloom! If you are unable to do so you can listen to the live interview on Radio Popolare the 14th February, as we’ll be guests for From Genesis To Revelation led by Matthias Scheller and Renato Scuffietti! 23:35 to 00:30 pm next Monday. Damn, if you live far from the northern Italy you can always listen it in live streaming here or FM frequencies that are in this page. We will be also telephone guests of “Rock City Nights” on RCB conducted by Donato Zoppo, all starting from 21.30! This transmission can be also listened in streaming here or on FM 95.80. The news is not over, as you are noticing the site is the same as before, but it is evolving! Welcome to Dropshard v2.0! Apart from that, we remind you the release of Anywhere But Home for February 15th. If you are not able to come and take the CD directly to Bloom during the release party, you can always order it from our site! Look to the right, there is a fantastic form for pre-order! Cheers, Dropshard Crew

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