Bar Sala


Where: Osteria Bar Sala, Via Nazionale 95, Calco, LC, Italy

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1. Intro
2. Portrait
3. Blackest Eyes
4. P.O.W.A.
5. The Savior
6. Misunderstood
7. Awake
8. From Here to Nowhere
9. Through Her Eyes
10. Black Medley (Black Dog / Black Night / Sea of Lies / Symphony of Destruction / The Trooper / Master of Puppets / Dark Eternal Night / The Dance of Eternity / Stairway to Heaven)
11. Misunderstander

65 min.

Enrico Scanu: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Sebastiano Benatti: electric guitars, backing vocals
Federico Ravasi: keyboards, backing vocals
Alex Stucchi: bass guitar, backing vocals
Tommaso Mangione: drums

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