Festa finale del torneo Beach Volley


Where: Palazzetto dello sport Carnate, Via Italia, Carnate, MI, Italy

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I Dropshard in un concerto in occasione della festa di chiusura del torneo di Beach Volley di Carnate.

1. Highway Star
2. Freedom Supermarket

3. Look Ahead / Anywhere But Home

4. Portrait

5. E’ Festa

6. Impressioni di Settembre

7. Images Of Mind / A Cold Morning

8. Aqualung

9. Perfect Strangers

10. Helter Skelter

11. Changing Colours / A New Beginning / Look Behind


12. Beyond Norwegian Sea

13. Higway Star

Enrico Scanu: lead vocals, flute, electric and acoustic guitars
Sebastiano Benatti: electric guitar, backing vocals
Marco Zago: keyboard

Alex Stucchi: bass guitar, backing vocals
Tommaso Mangione: drums, percussions

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