Have a good Summer!

Hello everyone! It’s time for a summer break, and we would like to take the opportunity to greet you all and thank you once again for the support that you’ve always gave us for all these years! In September we’ll carry on works on our next album that is taking shape day by day, and in the meantime we’ll be on stage with some good music (keep an eye into the LIVE! section) and, perhaps, some surprises here and there! Please note that we are going on the air on the prog webradio AiiRadio (it deserves a look!), and if you missed our last concert at the Rock@Santa, here’s an excerpt (you can watch it down here – thanks to Sara Piro!). Do not forget to visit our Facebook page, the MySpace page with previews and the Twitter account! In the meantime we have a small gift for you: a video in which we are dealing with an early version of Freedom Supermarket! Enjoy it … and don’t laugh too much! 😀 Good summer to all our fans, happy holidays, we’ll see in a month! 😉 Dropshard

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